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Aerospace Training Services is pleased to announce the recent award of a New South Wales Government’s SMART and SKILLED Contract for NSW students completing Aeroskills and Aviation traineeships / apprenticeships.

This contract allows Aerospace Training Services to train and assess eligible NSW students undertaking one of the following qualifications:

Aeroskills Training Package (MEA)

  • Certificate II in Aeroskills (MEA20418).
  • Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Avionics (MEA40618) (Apprentices Only)
  • Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Mechanical (MEA40718) (Apprentices Only)
  • Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Structures (MEA41318) (Apprentices Only)
  • Diploma in Aeroskills – Avionics (MEA50118) (Apprentices Only)
  • Diploma in Aeroskills – Mechanical (MEA50219) (Apprentices Only)

Aviation Training Package (AVI)

  • Certificate III in Aviation – Cabin Crew (AVI30219).

Who Is Eligible

  • For Certificate II in Aeroskills (MEA20418) and Certificate III in Aviation (AVI30219), NSW residents who are employed or unemployed and over 15 years of age.
  • For Certificate IV and Diploma in Aeroskills (streams), employees of your organisation who you wish to nominate for an Apprenticeship.

This contract award is a significant step forward for Aerospace Training Services and our client base, particularly in the Shoalhaven and greater Illawarra regions of NSW, enabling students to complete Aeroskills or Aviation qualifications locally instead of travelling long distances to Sydney, Tamworth or Ballina to achieve their career goals and qualifications.

Please use the contact form or Click Here to enquire about enrolment or if you would like more information.


With the current changes affecting the aviation industry regarding standards and licensing it is important to ensure you are properly qualified and licensed for your job. Do you know how the changes to aviation legislation will affect your current licence?

ATS is proud to provide B1 and B2 licence RPL (recognition of prior learning) to explain these industry changes, investigate your current qualifications and deliver a comprehensive training program to ensure you are fully qualified for your job.

Following from your RPL you will have the opportunity to complete CASA APPROVED Exclusion Removal Training with ATS which will remove CASA imposed exclusions from your licence due to the new regulations and Australian standards being currently implemented within the Australian Aviation Industry and the changes that they will impose on previously licensed aircraft maintenance engineers.  

For further information and details regarding RPL and Exclusion Removal Training, please contact one of our senior instructors who will be able to comprehensively answer your enquires on +61 2 4421 0878 or by emailing

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