Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing - MEA30322

Nationally Recognised Course 

Course Description: 

The Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing course is designed for clients of the Australian Defense Force (ADF) and to employees of Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMOs) who are maintaining aircraft and personal life support equipment and aircraft furnishings.

The qualification consists of a number of common units plus mandatory and elective technical stream units, including a number of imported units dealing with explosive ordnance (pyrotechnics) safety and inspection and with sewing, trimming and use of fabric adhesives.

The qualification articulates with MEA41118 Certificate IV in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing and the common units and the elective Avionic, Mechanical and Structures Technical Stream units provide a number of credits towards other Aeroskills Certificates at Certificate II, III and IV levels.

For more information regarding the Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing course please contact ATS Administration or visit training.gov.au for a full course overview. 

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Units of Competency: 

To complete the Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing you must complete the following Units of Competencies:

MEA30318 Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing

Total of twenty-one (21) units

  • Core common and imported units: Nine (9) units
  • Elective technical stream and imported units in Group A: Twelve (12) units 
Core Units of Competency

 Unit Code

 Unit Title


 Apply work health and safety practices in aviation maintenance


 Plan and organise aviation maintenance work activities


 Apply quality standards during to aviation maintenance activities


 Interpret and use aviation maintenance industry manuals and specifications


 Complete aviation maintenance industry documentation


 Perform basic hand skills, standard trade practices and fundamentals in aviation maintenance

 MEA118  Conduct self in the aviation maintenance environment


 Use comparison and basic measuring devices


 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Elective Units of Competency

Unit Code

 Unit Title


 Use electrical test equipment to perform basic electrical tests on aircraft and components


 Perform aircraft flight servicing


 Remove and install aircraft pneumatic system components


 Remove and install non-pressurised aircraft structural and non-structural components


 Remove and install pressurised aircraft structural and non-structural components


 Remove and install aircraft hydro-mechanical and landing gear system components


 Remove surface coatings from aircraft or aircraft components


 Pre-treat aluminium alloy surfaces


 Remove light corrosion from aircraft


 Apply aircraft identification markings, graphics and decals


 Inspect, repair and modify non-primary structure components in aircraft cabins and cockpits


 Maintain and fit anti-G suits


 Maintain and fit helmets


 Maintain and fit immersion suits


 Maintain and fit oxygen masks


 Maintain and pack parachutes


 Maintain, pack and fit survival inflatable buoyancy vests


 Maintain, install and remove restraint systems


 Manufacture, repair and alter aircraft related fabric components


 Maintain seat and pod electrical and electronic systems


 Operate and maintain sewing machines and overlockers


 Maintain and pack survival inflatable life rafts


 Maintain and pack escape slides


 Trim vehicle components


 Select trim and fabric materials


 Apply trim and fabric adhesives


 Cut single layer fabrics


 Machine sew materials


 Apply marine sewing and installation techniques


 Use adhesives


 Work safely with explosive ordnance


 Package explosives


 Unpackage explosives


 Conduct explosives inspection

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